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  • Digicomstory, the expert community management agency on social networks

    Are you looking for a community management agency? Digicomstory brings you its extensive experience in community management to manage your online communities on social networks. We support you in managing of your social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat… We design your editorial strategy, create and publish content that generates engagement, organise your games/contests and support comment moderation.

    Trust us with your social networks, we take care of everything from A to Z!

Community Management: our working method

Community Management is a complex business that requires technical skills, communication skills, working methodology and web experience: its codes, its culture… Digicomstory has developed advanced working methods adapted to today’s challenges of Community Management

  • Defining communication objectives on social networks

  • Designing an editorial strategy & effective storytelling

  • Social Media Acquisition: fill up on fans

  • Successfully managing & engaging communities

  • Evaluating the performance of Community Management

  • Win new customers

    Achieve loyalty:

    Generate traffic:

  • Define your communication objectives on social networks

    Facebook isn’t the only social network. While Facebook remains the #1 social network in France, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn can be relevant to your business and enable you to effectively reach your audiences.

    Digicomstory helps you define the communication channels that best meet your communication objectives and business goals. Together, we will study the characteristics of your products and services and make an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of your communication targets.

  • Community Management Audit

    Do you already have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account and want to advance your Community management? Or, do you want to get started on social networks? Digicomstory conducts audits of online communities  so that you can implement the best community management strategy on social networks.

    By auditing your Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest tables or LinkedIn company page… Digicomstory evaluates your presence on social networks and your performance. We analyse your growth rates, your engagement rate, published content, and their frequency; we also study the strategies implemented by your competitors’ community management and the needs of consumers on the web. Our community audits allow you to design optimal strategies for successfully deploying your presence on the social web.

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  • Designing an editorial strategy & effective storytelling

    An editorial strategy is essential for the proper conduct of your Community Management. At the same time, it must meet your communication objectives and the needs of your fans in terms of content. What does your community expect from you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? The editorial strategy allows you to direct your content around an identifiable editorial outline: it guides the Community Management on a daily basis and reinforces the image of your company on the social web.

    The editorial strategy is designed based on background work on your storytelling. We put your company “into a narrative” to successfully capture the attention of your audience and effectively deliver your communication messages.

  • Acquisition: fill up with fans!

    Digicomstory sets up your acquisition campaigns (Social Media Acquisition). Experts in advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we make your Facebook pages grow qualitatively by precisely targeting your prospective customers on social networks: location, age range, gender, interests, employment, schooling…

    Our acquisition campaigns are very efficient and it is not uncommon that in the end, the acquisition costs that you incur are cheaper than the average.

  • Online Community management & moderation

    Digicomstory manages your online communities on a daily basis guided by many years of experience of the social web. We are experts in writing techniques and social network engagement techniques.

    Our working methods ensure optimised management of your communities and thanks to our editorial timetables, you can validate the content upstream and know when the content will be published.

    Digicomstory also uses advanced Community Management tools that enable close collaboration between the Community Manager and you.

  • Evaluation & KPIs

    The Digicomstory Community Management agency has developed advanced reports and dashboards so that, at a glance, you can keep track of your community’s progress throughout the Community Management process. You can compare your social networks against your competitors, monitor the growth of your communities and even your engagement rate. We tailor the performance indicators (KPIs) according to your needs. Our dashboards are designed to facilitate quick and efficient decision-making.

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Trust us with your social networks

Whatever your organisation type, Digicomstory supports you to get the most out of your Social Media investment, whether you are a startup, a small business, an SME or a large company, a partnership, an NGO, a local authority….

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