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    LinkedIn is the world’s leading social network for professionals. In France, more than 8 million French professionals are present on the social network. With LinkedIn Ads, you can reach a large population of company decision-makers, whether these professionals work in purchasing, HRD, ISD, product departments or general management… LinkedIn Ads are today the best way to develop effective B2B communication.

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  • 1. LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Objectives

    Today, LinkedIn offers two types of advertising campaigns that allow you to sponsor content or more generally to generate visibility for your brand or your products. For example, did you know that LinkedIn is the social network that generates the most traffic to a corporate website ?

    With LinkedIn advertising, you can generate traffic to your site, or win new subscribers for your LinkedIn page.

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  • 2. Designing Campaigns

    Digicomstory supports you at every step, from A to Z, in creating your LinkedIn advertising campaigns: designing campaigns, optimisation of targeting, managing your budget… We take care of everything for the implementation of your campaigns and we make sure that your objectives are met.

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  • 3. LinkedIn: a vital medium in B2B

    LinkedIn is by far the first media regularly consulted by professionals, ahead of many professional magazine or newspaper. Thus, in France, LinkedIn is more consulted than Les Echos, La Tribune, BBC or Challenge. In terms of reaching professionals, LinkedIn is even more powerful than Twitter or Facebook in terms of audience. If your business is B2B, then don’t wait any longer and learn about LinkedIn Ads advertising campaigns.

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  • 4. LinkedIn Ad targeting

    LinkedIn Ads allow you to reach professionals in a very precise way: country, language, industry, position, seniority or professionals within specific companies or interest groups… by using LinkedIn Ads, you are sure to reach exactly those professionals that interest you online. Given that 1 in 5 LinkedIn members have business decision-making power you’re sure to see our advertising campaign pay off.

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  • 6. Optimise the ROI of your LinkedIn Ads

    Digicomstory is committed to optimising your results: CPC, click through rates… We put our expertise to work for your performance so that with the budget that you invest, you earn a maximum of number of clicks, visits to your site, new subscribers…

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