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    Why should companies implement a Social Media strategy? 

    72% of company executives consider  Social Media to be a strategic objective. But how do we tackle these channels of communication? Which social networks should we choose? Which editorial strategy should we develop? What story do we want to tell?

    Social networks offer organisations an incredible opportunity to achieve brand awareness, develop their brand image, build customer loyalty and develop sales… But, they need to know where to start!

    For many years, Digicomstory has been supporting companies, start-ups, SMEs and large groups in the deployment of their influence on Social Media.

    With us, you are sure to make your investment in Social Media a real success.

Find out more about our Social Media Strategy services

Digicomstory accompanies you at all stages of the construction of your Social Media strategy.

  • Social Media Audit

    • Auditing your Social Media strategy
    • Profiling your community
    • Analysis of competing strategies
    • Editorial Mapping

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  • Editorial strategy

    • Building of editorial headings
    • Optimisation of the engagement rate
    • Editorial planning
    • Social Media graphic charter
  • Digital Storytelling

    • DNA analysis of your brand
    • Determining the type of storytelling
    • Design of the actantial narrative schema
    • Creative Concept

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  • Social networks allow us to achieve a wide range of objectives: brand awareness, customer loyalty, traffic, conversions, brand image… Our expertise and experience support you in all of your goals.

    We develop creative Social Media strategies

    We tailor the strategy according to your needs and put our creativity to work for your strategy so that your initiatives on Social Media make a difference.

    Measuring the results of a Social Media strategy

    We don’t just develop strategies… we accurately measure their success! Digicomstory uses KPIs with the greatest capability of measuring the progress of your conquest of social networks: engagement rate, organic audience, reach rate…

    Whatever your goal on social networks, you’re in good hands with Digicomstory.

  • What are your Social Media strategy objectives?

    Achieve audience loyalty



    Skyrocket your sales


    Achieve brand awareness


    Improve your brand image

  • Our difference: Social Media Storytelling!

    With Digicomstory, you are guaranteed to be working with experts. But that’s not what differentiates us. Digicomstory offers innovative Social Media strategies tailored to your brand’s storytelling concepts.

    Why use storytelling techniques for your social networks?

    Given the over-abundance of information that your audience is exposed to on social networks every day, your only way to be heard is to tell the best story: the story of your brand. Storytelling allows you to stage your brand and moves your audience.

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A Social Media strategy tailored to your organisation

Digicomstory supports all types of organisations in developing their social media strategy, whether you are a startup, a small business, an SME or a large company, a partnership, an NGO, a local authority…

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