Company’s e-reputation


  • e-réputation entreprises

  • The stakes of an e-reputation for companies

    A company’s reputation is not something to be taken lightly. It is even less so on the Internet. In Twitter time, it takes just a few minutes to permanently damage a company’s reputation. While more and more companies have crisis management plans, most of them do not know how to protect their reputation. Worse, social networks are often missing from a brand’s e-reputation management plan even though they are today the main vectors of risk.

How do you protect your company’s e-reputation?

  • 1/ Define your e-reputation risks upstream

  • 2/ Establish appropriate defence mechanisms

  • 3/ Timely crisis management

  • 4/ Real-time monitoring the development of the crisis

  • e-réputation anticiper

  • Preparing companies for digital crisis management

    The key to success in e-reputation crisis management is forward thinking. Digicomstory supports companies in preparing for the digital crisis: strategic and operational advice, training adapted to the challenges of the crisis and simulations, Social Media Guidelines, ready to tweet Q&A’s… Digicomstory supports companies in every step of preparing for a digital crisis so that, when this occurs, the company is able to mitigate the effects of the crisis, and sometimes turn things back in its favour.

  • veille digitale

  • Set up e-reputation digital monitoring

    The prerequisite of any digital e-reputation program is implementing powerful web monitoring. Digital monitoring enables the company to quickly detect low-level warning signals. Monitoring is also an indispensable tool to better learn what internet users think of the brand and to begin thinking about the company’s positioning or future innovations.

  • gestion de crise

  • Crisis management

    A crisis can occur at any time for a company. Digicomstory accompanies you when you face a crisis on social network so that you can implement quick and effective answers. We set up and provide you with your digital crisis cell, work with you to organise the best way to communicate and the right channels to use. Digicomstory is by your side throughout the crisis.

  • réputation digitale ethique

  • Managing the e-reputation with ethical methods

    To protect companies’ e-reputation, we act with total respect for the ethics of the web and apply only “good practices” in our strategies. Not just because we believe in it, but also because only the transparent and respectful actions of internet users bear fruit on the web. The web of today is a web of transparency where nothing can be concealed. Thus, it’s better to act without cheating, especially when it comes to one’s e-reputation!

  • réputation interne

  • Managing reputation risk internally

    The risk of damaging your reputation can also come from within your company. The use of social networks by your company’s teams for personal purposes can lead to leakage of potentially harmful information for your company’s brand. Digicomstory helps you to train your teams in the prevention of this risk through the implementation of a social media usage charter and in-house training on the control and dangers of social networks in companies.