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    Expand your reputation on Twitter with Digicomstory thanks to Twitter Ads! Advertising campaigns on Twitter allow you to generate content visibility, win new subscribers and develop virality.

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  • 1. The objectives of Twitter advertising campaigns

    Why deploy Twitter Ads advertising campaigns? Twitter Ads allow you to reach millions of French users on the social network Twitter by using all kinds of targeting. Twitter Ads campaigns allow you to win new subscribers, generate traffic or leads for your website.

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  • 2. Twitter cards

    Twitter cards with call-to-action images and buttons are a vital feature in the Twitter advertising panel.

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  • 3. Editing tweets

    How can you ensure the success of your 140 character Twitter ad campaign? Digicomstory has extensive understanding and experience in writing techniques for social networks as well as Twitter codes and culture. Trusting us with your Twitter advertising campaign means ensuring deployment of an effective campaign.

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  • 4. Targeting by area of interest

    Twitter allows us to target your audience in an extremely precise manner: by interests, subscribers, keywords… the possibilities to ensure that your message is seen by the right people are endless on Twitter.

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  • 5. Manage your Twitter Ads budget

    With Twitter Ads, you can set your budget however you want! Twitter Ads work on a targeting bidding system, but you control your budget. No bad surprises!

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  • 6. Evaluate your Twitter campaigns

    The Twitter Ads platform offers a wide range of analysis data to measure advertising campaign performance: audience, engagement, cost-per-click… with Digicomstory, you are sure to see a return on your investment! We set up evaluation criteria for our campaigns which allow you to accurately evaluate the performance of your campaigns.