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    Why perform a Social Media audit?

    Preparing your editorial strategy

    A Social Media audit is a prerequisite for creating a Social Media strategy. It will allow you to delineate the social networks most relevant to you and to outline the editorial axes to be developed in order to reach your audience on the social web.

    Redirecting an editorial strategy

    Do you want to develop your Social Media strategy but are unsure of where to start? Digicomstory will analyse your presence on social networks, your publications, your engagement rate, reach rate, audience… in order to provide you with concrete elements that support your decision-making.

    Benchmark & Mapping

    Do you want to measure yourself against the competition? Digicomstory produces benchmarks and mappings of your editorial strategy and storytelling that allow you to evaluate your competitive positioning on social networks.

Find out more about our Social Media audit methodology

Our approach focuses on three analysis criteria

  • Performance analysis

    • Engagement rate of the page, publications
    • Subscriber growth
    • Reach rate
    • Analysis of publication timings
    • Frequency of publication
  • Editorial strategy analysis

    • Strategy objectives
    • Performance of editorial sections
    • Strategy tone
    • Storytelling
  • Publications analysis

    • Content tone
    • Quality of the writing
    • Engagement per publication
    • Performance of visuals

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… whatever your organisation type, Digicomstory adapts to your specific needs and requests, whether you are a startup, a small business, an SME or a large company, a partnership, an NGO, a local authority…

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