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Digicomstory, your Social Median Agency in Canada

Digicomstory is a Social Media agency that supports companies in their communication on Social Media through innovative social media strategies designed around creative storytelling.

Our approach to social networks gives you an overall strategic vision of the return on investment that you can derive from Social Media supported by the expertise of our team of different social media communication techniques.

Our added value? It is obviously the Social Media Storytelling that allow us to design attractive content that captures the attention of your audiences.

We help you generate business out of Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Looking for a Social Media agency to support you in your strategy on social networks? Digicomstory advises companies in their Social Media communication strategy with a global approach.

Social Media Management

Looking for a Social Media agency to animate your social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest …? Digicomstory brings you its in-depth expertise and proven Community Management experience.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising allows you to gain fame or attract traffic to your website through Social Media advertising campaigns: Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads. Discover Social Media Advertising!

We take care of all you Social Media

Digicomstory, the Social Media agency specializing in Storytelling

At Digicomstory, we put Storytelling in all of our clients’ Social Media communication programs. It’s our secret ingredient. We give life to your brand by giving it the pepper zest that your audiences love. Storytelling is more than a means of communicating … it is a way to re-create emotion between you and your audience: what brand does not want to be loved by its customers?

Trust us with your Social Media Strategy

Whatever your type of organization, Digicomstory supports you to get the most out of your Social Media investment, whether you are a startup, a small company, a small company or a large company, an association, an NGO, a local authority…


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